Shirel (left) at Massad

“I am personally traumatized from a terrorist attack. Anything related to my family I press and protect. From the moment Shirel left, I could not believe I was releasing my son for a month to Canada. And indeed it was because I had full confidence in the entire IVOW team. To that end may you all be blessed with the utmost for the powerful experience you provided my son Shirel. Thank you!”
Meirav Kala Weiztman, parents of 2019 participant Shirel Weitzman

Daniel Averboukh (left) at Wingate

“We could never have predicted just how much fun Daniel would have and how happy he would be in the camp and Canada. He enjoyed everything ; the sports, learning, trips and other activities! The staff were excellent. The people and program had such a huge impact on him. It was a huge boost to his confidence and was a fun filled experience. He made new friends , improved his English and opened up some new horizons he would never dream about! Thank you again for a life-changing summer experience!”
– The Averboukh Family, parents of 2019 participant Daniel Averboukh

Haniel Bitao at Massad

“It has been very difficult for me since I was injured in a terrorist attack so it was an incredible surprise that I would have the chance to send Haniel to Canada with IVOW in 2019. Haniel very much enjoyed an she had so much fun. She also came back with a lot of confidence which has helped her in school and with me in our home. A million thanks!”
Ricky Zarfa, mother of 2019 participant Haniel Bitao

Yahel Braun at Wingate

“Yahel arrived this morning excited and happy! He just had the time of his life as we understand. We are so thankful to you and the partners who made our son’s summer vacation so enjoyable, meaningful and powerful. For me, as an IDF veteran, it’s wonderful to know that there are people like you, on the other side of the world, who are dedicated to Israel and the people of Israel, with all of their hearts and souls.”
– Tal and Iris Braun, parents of 2019 participant Yahel Braun

Gaya Chen (front) at YCC

“We want to personally thank IVOW Canada for all that you have done for Gaya and the other children in the past month. It was an unforgettable experience and empowering for her. She was very sad it was over (there were lots of tears at the airport). We are grateful for everything. There are no words to express our appreciation.”
Meital Chen, mother of 2018 participant, Gaya Chen

Ori (bottom row, 2nd from left) with his group at YCC

“Ori was sad that this amazing adventure was over. He did not want to say goodbye to their friends and to the wonderful staff. Ori added a post on Facebook and he wrote that he can’t explain in words what he has experienced. He felt it was pure magic. IVOW is an amazing program.”
Sophy and Arik Zehavy, parents of 2018 participant Ori Zehavy

Ayelet in front of the Canadian Parliament

“Despite being worried about Ayelet participating in the Program (she had never been without her family or out of the home for more than one day), we got back a girl that not only had wonderful weeks in Canada with many exciting experiences and adventures, but we also got back a girl who is much more self-confident and independent. You can see the improvement in all aspects of her life – at home, school and more. We want to thank all of the people involved in the impressive and blessed IVOW Program.”
Michael and Rachel Yakhin, parents of 2018 participant Ayelet Yakhin

Shir Barashi (in red) by the lake at CBB

“Shir came back from Canada with lots of great memories, stories and incredibly excited. The camp helped her a lot with self confidence and to lower her anxiety. I could not imagine that she would be able to meet all of the challenges. Everything was done with love and warmth of the camp counsellors and staff members of IVOW. I highly recommend that parents and their children join this special program.”
Sharon Barashi, parent of 2018 participants Shir Barashi

IVOW Noa Rozenberg

Noa Rozenberg at CBB

“Noa loved everything so much that she did not want to come back to Israel! She also told us that she felt so free and safe while being in Canada. There is no question that Noa arrived back in Israel and much more confident and grown-up person.”
Chani Rozenberg, mother of 2015 participant Noa Rozenberg

Itai Basketball YCC

Itai Daniely playing basketball at YCC

“We had butterflies in our stomach when we sent our son Itai to such a distant country; but our worries and fears were for nothing. Itai had an experience that can be defined as as experience of a life-time. IVOW made sure that Itai felt protected and not lacking in anything and the program both enriched him and educated him. IVOW sent us back a son who was happy, independent, and mature.”
Gali Daniely, mother of 2015 participant Itai Daniely

Amir Niagara Falls

Amir Shrim in red hat at Niagara Falls

“Both myself and my husband Alon are generally so protective of Amir here in Israel, even for a two day school trip. But we knew that Amir likes to be able to experience new things so we trusted IVOW that everything would be fine and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. He had a great time and made so many Israeli and Canadian friends.”
Galit Shrim, mother of 2015 participant Amir Shrim


Hila Perry (in pink) with friends at CBB

“I feel that to understand and appreciate the importance of IVOW upon our lives a small explanation is needed: Working as the chief surgical resident at Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva during the war with Gaza in 2014 meant that for most of the summer I was practically living at the hospital. This meant that my daughter Hila not only suffered from the horrors of this tragic war, but also away from her dad for almost two months. This surely took a toll upon her developing personality and thus we are so happy and grateful to IVOW who made the next summer for her a summer of joy and happiness. IVOW was a magical program that lifted her spirit, mending all of what she had suffered the previous summer.”
Dr. Zvi Perry, father of 2015 participant Hila Perry