Donate Now

Why Donate?

For 30 years now, IVOW representatives in both Canada and Israel have been making this program possible, volunteering their time and resources, and reaching out to families in Israel who qualify. This Program is also made possible thanks to the generous support of the Montreal community and participating summer camps.

More than ever, IVOW Association is convinced that continuing to provide Bar and Bat Mitzvah aged children who have been affected by war, military service and terrorism, with this opportunity is a tremendous benefit to them as individuals. It is a unique way of providing Israeli youth coming of age with memorable, cultural and character- building experiences, while also strengthening the bond between the Canadian Jewish community and Israel thanks to the personal relationships the Program also creates.

To make this experience possible, IVOW covers all of the costs of the trip, costs related to transportation, hotel stays, food and entrance fees for activities. IVOW also has administrative costs in Canada related to insurance, website maintenance and communications. It currently costs IVOW an average of approximately $ 1,800.00 per child to operate the program. IVOW members all volunteer their time.

By donating you are:

• Supporting the children of families from Israel, who are coming of age under difficult circumstances

• Establishing a personal link with a special segment of Israel’s population

• Helping to strengthen ties between the next generation of Israelis and Canadians.

• Providing comfort and a respite from daily complicated lives in Israel

• Supporting IVOW during its 35th consecutive year of operation

• Providing the children a full-session Jewish Canadian camp experience

• Proving the children with an exciting and meaningful visit to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.